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To assist clients with site design, plan enhancements and effective budgeting, Elder Corporation offers a variety of in-house, value-engineering services to optimize results and control costs before the earth moving process begins.

By utilizing the blueprints and topographical maps for a project, we can enter the information into our computers and create a 3-D model of the job site. The 3-D model can be used to take "virtual tours" of the site and view it in its final form based on the original plans or modifications. Elevations, contours, roads, parking lots and other aspects of a site can be seen in 3-D as if you were actually there. In addition to providing clients with a realistic perspective of the project, 3-D modeling is used by our team to precisely calculate all earth-moving requirements, estimate costs and make recommendations. For instance, we might determine that it would be more cost-effective to move soil from one location to another rather than trucking in more dirt or rock. Or perhaps the job site can be raised or lowered by a fraction of an inch. When value-engineering services are combined with our GPS grade control capabilities, you can save valuable time, trouble and money, while also maximizing the appearance and usability of your site.


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